Scanning is the new typing

Screen Automatic Meter Reading
Scanning the meter reading value via smartphone camera

Just scan it

Point the smartphone camera at the meter. Within seconds, pixometer finds the counter and recognizes the meter reading — if you like, it will be read out loud for you.

Power, Gas, and Water Meters

No matter what type of meter — mechanical power, gas, water meters or digital meters with LCD display. pixometer digitizes reading values on the device — no server connection required!

Keep track of your readings

In addition to the value, pixometer also stores an image of the meter. Best image quality is ensured.

Use scanning technology in your apps

pixometer’s scanning technology is also available as a software development kit (SDK) for iOS, Android, Cordova, Titanium and Xamarin. More information can be found in our brochure about pixometer SDK, available in English and French.

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