Create Utility bills with a minimum of paper

For landlords and everyone billing for utility consumption

Collect all meter data in a property

Use pixometer to collect all meter data in your property. Be it electrical, gas, or water consumption. Using the web portal, you can create the meter instances for your property, provide information on type and location. Now, you can use the pixometer app for collecting the data easily.

All readings in one place

Once all readings have been collected through the app, they can be viewed, managed, and exported through the web portal. You will find all readings for all parties in one place and use the data for your accounting.

  • Automatic meter reading
  • Mechanical power, gas, and water meters including double tariff meters
  • LCD meters
  • No connection to the cloud required for scanning
  • Capturing of a picture for later reference
  • Management of meters and readings in web portal
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List of meters of a landlord in pixometer web portal
List of meters in pixometer web portal
Meters of landlord in pixometer app
List of meters in pixometer app

Documented meter readings

In addition to the digitized meter value, the underlying image is stored for later reference. This can be helpful if the meter reading is questioned later.

Adding previous readings

If you have kept track of your consumption data before using pixometer, you can add this information via the web portal. All data can be downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet. The download can be configured to contain certain meters or range of dates, only.