Understand your consumption costs

Save energy and money

Overview of your energy costs

Get a quick overview of your energy consumption by scanning your meter regularly. You can easily check if your consumption has changed, e.g. after installing a new device.

Enter energy prices

You can enter the energy price in the account screen. pixometer computes energy costs since the last reading and estimates average costs per month.

  • Automatic meter reading
  • Mechanical power, gas, and water meters including double tariff meters
  • LCD meters
  • No connection to the cloud required for scanning
  • Capturing of a picture for later reference
  • Management of meters and readings in web portal
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Plot Energy Consumption Energy Costs
Overview of energy consumption

Add meters

Manage the meters of your household in the web portal. You can configure the labels that appear in the pixometer app, e.g. „House gas meter“, „Domestic water meter“, „Power meter 1st floor“ etc. Now you can use the app for scanning these meters. It will display the energy consumption separately for each meter.

Add and export readings

Do you already have reading values from recent years? You can add these readings in the web portal.

Here, you can also export consumption data of your meters as an Excel file. You can specify which meters and time intervals to export.

List of meters that are read by pixometer app for energy consumption overview
List of meters in pixometer app

Keep records of your readings

In addition to the meter reading value, pixometer also stores an image of the meter. This can be used for later reference, e.g. if energy costs change or if you move to a new house.

Use multiple devices

Use your pixometer account on multiple smartphones or tablets to have synchronized energy consumption data on all devices. If you share your account with your family, they can help to save energy!