Collect reading data of many meters

Reading more than just a few meters: for property managers and utility companies

Manage and import meter lists

Use the web portal to enter meter ID, address, location, and other information. The data can also be imported from an Excel file, CSV or via REST API.

Deploy meter lists to the phone

The meter list is synchronized with the app and all data is available on the smartphone or tablet. Search, filter, or sort the data by street address, postal code, or show the meters that have not yet been read.

  • Automatic meter reading
  • Mechanical power, gas, and water meters including double tariff meters
  • LCD meters
  • No connection to the cloud required for scanning
  • Capturing of a picture for later reference
  • Management of meters and readings in web portal

More information can be found in our brochure about pixometer SaaS.

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Meters real estate management in pixometer app
You can sort and filter the list of meters and you can search for a specific meter.

Identify meters by barcode

Directly identify the right meter in the list by scanning the barcode. Barcode and meter value are scanned simultaneously making meter reading a matter of seconds. Minimize confusions and costs following therefrom.

Plausibility check of the meter reading

The meter reading can be immediately checked for plausibility when the expected range has been provided. The app will give an instant warning if the check fails. But even afterwards, the photo of the meter can be accessed for assessing correctness of the reading.

Commission meter readings

Meter readings can be deployed on different devices for different employees. The deployments can be configured for specific dates and only current elements are shown in the app.

Export meter readings

The meter values collected by the app are synchronized back to the server. Through the web portal, they can be viewed and downloaded for accounting. The download can be configured to contain certain meters or range of dates. Alternatively, a direct data link to accounting systems (SAP IS-U) can be established.